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Welcome to the online presence of OUTATEX

Outatex is an international trading and consulting company with focus on bilateral business activities between the European and Arab industry. Our company operates in several industry branches. Apart from supplying machines, spare parts and consumables, we provide a wide range of consulting and after-sales services.

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ITMA Asia 2021

Ghorfa is acting as a bridge between the Arab and German business community. Outatex joined as member in 2008.

Outatex supports the idea of tested and harmless textiles. Please contact us for more information about Oeko-Tex certification.

New OUTATEX Branch in Egypt

In 2013 OUTATEX - Oulabi Trading established a new office in Cairo, Eypgt. Since 2014 OUTATEX Egypt is the official Egyptian agent for the world leader’s circular knitting manufacturer Mayer & Cie / Germany.

For more information visit www.outatex-egypt.com
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