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Company Profile

Outatex is an international trading and consulting company with focus on bilateral business activities between the European and Arab industry.

More than 20 years of experience and long-term relations with German and European companies, places us in a position to provide a broad assortment of services that range from planning and implementing integrated production lines and projects to supplying of spare parts, components and operation consumables.

Outatex operates in several industry branches. The concentration of our business activities lies on the textile industry. Apart from supplying machines, spare parts and consumables, we provide a wide range of consulting and after-sales services. In the field of laboratory and scientific equipment we offer devices, instruments, auxiliaries and services that meet the quality requirements and obligations in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries as well as in the health sector.

With our enterprise Aleppo, the center of Syria's textile industry, we are one of the leading industrial agencies, serving the needs of the Syrian customers as well as customers in other Arabian countries.
Our location in Germany allows us to have direct access to the latest technology and to develop our long-standing relations with German and European manufactures.
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